Lines of Credit

Spartan Financial Partners provides customized revolving lines of credit. Each facility is secured by retail installment contracts originated by qualified buy here pay here dealers, indirect lenders and other loan originators.

Program Features

  • Loan Amount: $1MM - $30MM
  • Loan Term: 12 - 24 Months
  • Advance Rate: 40% - 70% of Principal Amount Financed
  • Collateral: Perfected Security Interest in Financed Receivables
  • Funding Eligibility Requirements and Loan Covenants: Tailored to fit the needs and underwriting criteria of each Dealer Partner


  • Dealer Retains Servicing & Collections
  • Turned Inventory
  • Immediate Positive Cash Flow
  • Monthly Positive Cash Flow
  • Capital to Obtain Replacement Inventory
  • Grow Portfolio

Each deal is unique and we want to customize your deal to match your business needs. Our Spartan Financial team is standing by to explain our product more in-depth. Call our team today for a FREE quote. 855.233.3605

LOC Document Submission

Line of Credit Application

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