Bulk Acquisitions

Spartan Financial Partners targets bulk acquisitions from Buy Here Pay Here dealers, indirect auto finance lenders, financial institutions and credit unions.

Portfolios are purchased both on a re-occurring and one-off transactional basis.

Program Features

  • Targeting: $50K - $25MM
  • Recourse & No Recourse Programs
  • No Minimum Seasoning Requirements
  • Key Metrics - APR, Collateral, Down Payment, Term, and Seasoning


  • More Cash Upfront
  • Increase Cash Flow and Profitability
  • No Waiting for Bonus Pools
  • No Performance Fees
  • Quick Funding
  • Happy and Repeat Customers with Smooth Service Transfer

Spartan is looking to partner with dealers and indirect finance companies to provide cash on hand allowing you to focus on your business and what you do best... SELLING CARS. Our Spartan Financial Team is standing by to explain our product more in-depth. Call our team today for a FREE quote. 855.233.3605

Bulk Requirement Sheet

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